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Obituary for Bodil Lotte Skogholt Nadler

Bodil Lotte Skogholt Nadler- Obituary
December 1, 1938 - October 11, 2021

Bodil Skogholt Nadler, age 82, passed away peacefully on October 11, 2021, from the effects of Primary Progressive Aphasia.

Referred to affectionately as “The Original Skogholt Viking,” Bodil was born in Tranøy, Norway to Astrid Marie Kjerstad and Brynjulf Lottar Skogholt. She was the oldest of their five children (Bodil, Kirsti, Inger Johanne, Brynjulf Andreas and Marit) and was raised in a loving home close to her large extended family in this idyllic northern Norwegian village next to stunning fjords and mountains.

In 1959, Bodil married Jan Karlsen and had their daughter Hege Ingeborg while attending Bodø Læreskolen (Teacher’s college). They later moved to Bergen, Norway where she studied at the Hustedskolen before becoming a teacher locally.

In 1964, missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knocked on her door in Bergen, Norway and she open-heartedly accepted their gospel message. Newly divorced, she decided to visit America for what was going to be a year. She and five-year-old Hege settled into life in Salt Lake City, Utah where Bodil graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Education. Bodil taught elementary school in Granite School District in Utah and Fairfax County School District in Virginia for 35 years. She was a sought after and beloved teacher, nurturing and caring for her students with enthusiasm and passion. Bodil managed to bring out the absolute best in even the most difficult students. She postponed her retirement at Flint Hill Elementary in Oakton, Virginia by one year at the urging of parents who wanted her to continue so she could teach their children.

Bodil was an avid runner and in those early years in Utah could be found on the high school track with her stopwatch tracking her time, heart rate, laps and weather conditions. She kept notebooks full of handwritten spreadsheets with all this data. Eleven months after bilateral hip replacement surgery in 2000 she completed the Honolulu Marathon. She ran the Marine Corp 10K ten times, the Outer Banks Half Marathon and numerous Turkey Trots, Jingle Bell Runs and others. She has dozens of medals from all these races, and she often finished top in her age group.

In 1972, Bodil married Charles Hardy (Bob) Simpson and she and Hege moved east, eventually to Renwood Lane in Annandale, Virginia. She successfully blended both families as Bob's children David, Char, Ron and Debbie came to live with them occasionally. She created a warm and loving atmosphere where everyone was welcome, and the home was full of friends and family. When Bob was called to be the Bishop of the Annandale Ward, Bodil, known for her running, jokingly suggested to the congregation that they should start all sacrament meetings by jogging a couple of laps around the chapel with her leading the way and carrying a huge flag. Together, they were very active in their church community, entertained often and influenced many people for good. Bob Simpson passed away in 1989.

In 1991, Bodil met Dr. Joel Nadler in a local bicycling class, and they married in 1995. Joel brought his adult children Sandy, Mark and Andrea to the family. In 1998, Bodil retired from her long and influential teaching career and went on to manage Joel’s medical practice. Bodil and Joel treasured 30 wonderful years together. They shared good times and bad, laughter and tears and were devoted to each other into her final days. In the years before her illness, they travelled, created a warm and loving home, spent time with family and friends and truly enjoyed their time together.

Bodil was an absolute force for good in the world, whether it was nurturing her students, serving faithfully in her Annandale Ward or loving and adoring her family and friends. Bodil made friends wherever she went and was quick to compliment total strangers. By the time she checked out her groceries she was friends with the cashier, the person in front and behind her in line. She always stopped to compliment a mother and baby and spread light and goodwill wherever she went.

Bodil adored being a grandmother and participated actively in all of her children and grandchildren’s lives. Bodil was there for every birth, blessing, baptism, recital, graduation, marriage and many holidays. Her grandchildren love their “Grandma Bodil” and each one had a personal relationship with her. In fact, several were named after her: Jenny Bodil Simpson, Katrina Bodil Crosby, Charlotte Bodil Crosby and Lola Skogholt Crosby. Four namesakes after this one incredible woman! The Farnsworth grandchildren have fond memories of Grandma Bodil driving nonstop after her last day of teaching school in Virginia before the Christmas holidays and arriving in Connecticut late into the night. She would come in wearing her Santa hat and crazy Christmas earrings and they would come running down the stairs to meet her no matter how late. She and Joel spent every Christmas with Hege and her family for years.

Bodil loved the arts and even as a single mother and college student in Utah would take Hege to the symphony and cultural events often. She had season tickets to the Kennedy Center and enjoyed that for years. She loved to entertain, and her home was always open. Many wonderful meals were shared over the years and hundreds of homemade wheat breads were delivered to friends. She was an excellent cook but may be remembered most for her “Goldilocks cereal” consisting of oatmeal or cream of wheat with squirty cream, sprinkles and M&M’s.

An eternal optimist, Bodil could see the positive in almost any situation. She didn’t even mind sitting in traffic because then she could see the faces of the people in the cars next to her!
Bodil loved visitors and was an excellent tour guide showing her family and friends the beautiful sights in the DC area. She found beauty everywhere around her and created a lovely home with art and fresh flowers and candlelit meals.

Bodil comes from a large and loving family and would often travel with her sisters (the “champagne sisters”) to destinations around the world. However, her favorite place to visit was her family home in stunning Tranøy, Norway, where her roots run deep. She traveled to Norway almost every summer. Imagine her delight when her daughter, Hege, and later grandson, Jacob, were called as missionaries to Norway.

Bodil embodied so many wonderful qualities – all who knew her loved her. She was unconditional in her love, generous with her time and talents. She advocated for the underdog and as her grandson-in-law Dan said, "She stood up for everyone", which is so true. A champion of women's rights, she proudly marched for the ERA back in the 70's and was an active member of the NAACP. She participated in numerous three-day fundraiser walks for breast cancer. She put together generous and thoughtful care packages for all the grandkids while they were in college and she connected with, loved and nurtured all her stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Bodil believed in getting as much education as possible and was a voracious reader. She was fearless always open to trying new things. In fact, she went parasailing at the age of 73 in Utah! She had a fun sense of humor and when people would ask where she was from upon hearing her charming Norwegian accent, she would smile and say “Annandale, Virginia" before sharing that she was born in Norway.

In her final years as her health and brilliant mind declined, her devoted husband Joel spent the good part of most days with her in the memory care center at Greenspring. Even as their verbal communication waned, they never stopped communicating and expressing their feelings for each other and cherished the time they spent together.

We wish to express gratitude for the loving staff who cared for her so well in her final, difficult years as she slipped into dementia. It was tragic watching this vibrant, intelligent, active and amazing woman fade away, yet she retained her essence and found joy even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Bodil will be remembered and loved for generations to come. We are all honored to have known and loved her and she will be deeply missed until we meet again.

Bodil is preceded in death by:
Her parents, Brynjulf Lottar Skogholt, Astrid Marie Kjerstad Skogholt, her brother, Brynjulf Andreas Skogholt, her three grandchildren, Kirsten Marie Farnsworth, Jena Furbee Williams, Shannon Castillo and her husbands Jan Karlsen and Bob Simpson and Bob’s son David Newlon

She is survived by:
Her husband Joel Nadler, her sisters, Kirsti Skogholt, Inger Johanne Reinholdtsen (Reinholdt), and Marit Skogholt and their children.

Her daughter Hege Ingeborg Farnsworth (Karl), her grandchildren, Katrina Bodil Crosby (Daniel), Kirsten’s husband Dan Kuester, Erik Farnsworth (Kirsty Sturgess), Jonathan Farnsworth (McKenzie Taggert) and Jacob Farnsworth.

Her great grandchildren: Charlotte Bodil Crosby, William “Liam” Philip Crosby, Lola Skogholt Crosby and Jett Kalvin Farnsworth with a baby girl Farnsworth due in a few weeks.

Bob Simpson's children, Charlene Arbogast (Peter), Ron Simpson (Nancy), Debra Furbee (Robert) and their families.

Joel Nadler’s children Sandy (Peter) Alberti, Mark Nadler (Degi), Andrea Cordle (Brian) and their families.

The family expresses gratitude for the many acts of kindness and service provided during this difficult time.

Memorial service
Saturday, November 6, 2021
10:00 am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
3900 Howard Drive
Annandale, Virginia 22003

Zoom link to view the service:
Meeting ID: 997 8174 3777
Passcode: Comfort

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Bodil’s honor to

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
c/o Robert Kahl
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 422
Baltimore, MD 21287-6417
Donate online here

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